Bazzilio (Vasily Grubyak) is an artist and a designer based in Ukraine. Bazzilio creates lamps, light sculptures, light installations, designs and implements lighting design.


Having an artistic background under his belt, Vasiliy creates lamps spanning across the fields of art and design. Each of his lamps has its own story and personality, developing a whole philosophy behind the object. Yet, minimalism and function are always the dominant features of his works.


There is also a concept of movement and transformation in his lamps which allows to integrate them into the space in the best way and to create a dialogue with the users.

Bazzilio lamps were awarded at the All-Ukrainian annual architectural Interior of the Year 2016 contest, took part at the Ukrainian design exhibition at Paris Design Week 2017. They are selected to present Ukrainian design at Dutch Design Week 2018 among the 20 top Ukrainian designers.

All lamps are crafted in limited edition.